Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

I’m just an errand boy these days

I wake up in the morning

On an errand for my bladder

A couple errands for my cat

An errand for my caffeine deprived brain and mah belly

Another errand as I hear a stretching coo from a girl in the bedroom

I don’t know who sends me these errands

And I’m not always thankful at first…

But the errand boy comes around.

Sure he used to make a big deal and a fuss

Always wanting more

But errand boys always do that when they’re new

Most of em refuse to even be referred to as errand boys

Some will get downright mad… even violent.

It’s a shame

Hopefully someday they’ll come to know the peace

The pure mindless fucking joy

That comes with being a simple

Errand boy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

a chorus with no audience ie. "FUCK YEAH!!!

I was at the liquor store

Filling my cart for a surprise party

After fussing with 10 year bottles of this and that for a couple of lifetimes

I went to cash out

But there was no one

No one but an open door

I looked out the door

And there was an old man wandering off in the distance

He wore a flowing kimono and jingly jangly bells

“HEY ED!’ I yelled, ‘wha the who the fuck is minding the store!”

He turned and waved and then turned back to wanderin over some hill.

Hmmmm… well free booze I guess – but when I turned around to go back in

There was nothing but rolling black space and a lot of stars

“surprise!” said the cosmos, said the voice in my head.

Friday, September 14, 2007

and Just one more thing...

I feel for the religious folks…

perhaps God is larger than you know?

and I feel for the atheist

maybe life is more than you could possibly imagine?

I fall in between all these things

Dripping or pouring.

And I enjoy finding myself in the anger and strife

In the impossible predicament

That comes around, just so

Just so poignant that I could never...

Until I aint

Until it is

Free and wildly wanderin’ about

I am the religious folk

I am the atheist

I wildly vacillate like the weather and wind

I contently want more and I can do nothing

but laugh at the loss

marvel at the gift

The loss and the gain

Mystery in its nuance


Like a heckler at a funeral

a dog licking a mortal wound

Like an ice cold beer that tastes like your first


Its yer first and last everything

This moment

This coffee table zen BS

The rusty old life

Alive and crakling

Damp and forlorn

Yeah rip me off a piece of that

Bring it up here so’s I can chew it

chew on it and remember

So I can chew it and know.

Its pouring

Outside and in

Sunday, September 09, 2007

the sound of water devouring itself...

It can get ridiculous

before you break even.

You can swing wildly from side to side

before the pendulum comes to rest

as any gambler can attest

and I don’t know about you but

I’ve met content beggars and restless Kings

And it isn’t that the pendulum stops

Sheoot! Nothing ever stops.

It just breaks down…

Free and easy

And Incredible loose

Wildly loose

Even so, that you begin to wonder

You begin to curiously question

Just wha the who the fuuck

Is runnin the gawdam show.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

How it is

I knew a man who used to place ant traps out in his kitchen. A few years later he lined the tiles with honey… it was a different kitchen. He would watch with a peculiar joy the coming and going of the ants – then some odd years after that he put the ant traps back out again.

“Life is a boundless mystery.” said a lizard, thoughtfully smoking a pipe.

I smiled and nodded - then laughed and pounded my knee – then broke into deep uncontrollable sobbing – after I cycled through these various reactions for several minutes – the lizard suggested that I go and wash my face in the bathroom and to look at myself in the mirror.

If he hadn’t of done that I prolly would have gotten all excited and lined my kitchen tile with honey again…

Momma wouldn’t have liked that!

Friday, August 31, 2007

The leading authority on mysticism

I look upon this picture and I try to put myself into Spock's perspective - to try an imagine what he is thinking - other than that how he's a metaphor for logic surrendering itself in an act of love and how so very groovy that feels.

In researching Spock on the worldwideweb I stumbled across what his last words were before his death.

and I thought you to might like to read them.

"Sure I tried to figure it all out. And by it I mean God, Life, Sex, Love, Death – you know… IT.

So yeah, I tried to figure it all out.

I think some of us are WIRED to try and figure it all out. And further even some are even wired TO figure it all out. What anyone who has figured it all is really doing... I’m not too sure. But they are REally damn confident about it.

Who wouldn't be?!!

I mean Hey! I wanna be confident too… cuz that’s how you get all the chicks, right Jim?

No seriously, does anyone know how to sublimate onesself into the always merging feminine? Cuz gawd dam! I could really go for summa that right now man!


...what the hell wuz I talking about again ?

Oh yeah, God. So why is it again that some people are still trying to convince other people on what god is? I mean aren’t their better things to do when yer high? Like fuck and eat ice cream? I mean geez... take it easy sugar

you don't think god doesn't get obliterated and hit the taco bell drive thru at 3 in the morning?"

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